Rifle Scope Reviews – An Interactive Guide

Rifle Scope Reviews

You have a gun. You probably have some targets in mind, but as you know, an important part before taking aim is being confident about your shot. If you’re reading this, it’s clear you understand the important role rifle scopes play in being the game changer between coming home from a hunt empty-handed or bragging to your buddies.

The interactive chart below are rifle scope reviews and the analysis that follows will help you narrow in on which scopes are the best fit for you.

Sure, a lot is based on your budget, type of shooting, type of gun, and personal preference, but we’re here ultimately to help you, with our rifle scope reviews, to filter through the clutter so you have the most fun and greatest success. Just a note, don’t shy away from scopes on the chart that may not have the highest rating, all things considered, they are top notch!

Ultimate No Nonsense Rifle Scope Reviews Chart:

Objective Diameter
Eye Relief
Field of View
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1 x 25mm

91aSmnLKqbL. SL1500 1 e1383684678398
BARSKA 3-9x32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

41zs3Uvo7AL e1383684578183
3-9x32mm3.5-inch36-ft FOV @100yds @3X
13-ft FOV @100yds @9X
NcStar 3-9X40 Black Scope/Ruby Lens/Ring

310SPR6 arL1 e1383714910690
3-9x40mm2.76 to 3.35-inch36.6-ft FOV @100yds @3X
13.6-ft FOV @100yds @9X
UTG 3-9x32 Compact CQB Bug Buster AO RGB Scope with Med. Picatinny Rings, 2" Sunshade

51vvbkpNTvL. SL1000  e1383714984815
3-9x32mm3.2 to 4.2-inch37.7-ft FOV @100yds @3X
14-ft FOV @100yds @9X
Vortex® StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope(Suitable for AR-15)

71aCrq2Q2eL. SL1194  e1383715115887
Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Riflescope (BDC)

61VJRL6RSCL. SL1398  e1383715188492
3-9x40mm3.6-inch33.8-ft FOV @100yds @3X
11.3-ft FOV @100yds @9X
Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm Duplex

31CG5VX9M7L e1383715247671
2.5x28mm9 to 17-inch22-ft FOV @100yds $$$4.9
Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40 Rifle scope

415NCNR1Y8L e1383715320874
4.5-14x40mm3.6-inch19.9-ft FOV @100yds @4.5X
6.8-ft FOV @100yds @14X
Millett 4-16x50 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope (30mm Tube, .1 mil Click)

610f9hUhivL. SL1374  e1383715379741
4-16x50mm3.5-inch29-ft FOV @100yds @4X
8-ft FOV @100yds @16X
Redfield 115219 Revenge Rifle Scope

31S0qW0BusL e1383715449573
6-18x44mm3.5-inch19.2-ft FOV @100yds @6X
6-ft FOV @100yds @18X
Carl Zeiss Conquest MC Riflescope (Z-Plex Reticle, 3-9X40)

71oDhrqrMxL. SL1500  e1383715537790
3-9x40mm4-inch33.9-ft FOV @100yds @3X
11-ft FOV @100yds @9X
NIKON M-223 BDC 600 8487 2-8x32 Riflescope

71eWkqVUTlL. SL1500  e1383715592642
2-8x32mm4-inch46.2-ft FOV @100yds @2X
11.5-ft FOV @100yds @8X
Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm Rifle scope

31sXIonV+aL e1383715642952
6-24x50mm4-inch17.8-ft FOV @100yds @6X
5.1-ft FOV @100yds @24X
Bushnell Elite 6500 Fine Mil Dot Reticle Riflescope with Rainguard, 4.5-30x50

31wXTxgG5DL e1383715698863
4.5-30x50mm4-inch21.6-ft FOV @100yds @4.5X
7.2-ft FOV @100yds @30X
Accupoint 1-4 X 24 Triangle Rifle Scope

61vD3Jh yyL. SL1500  e1383717285815
1-4x24mm3.2-inch97.5-ft FOV @100yds @1X
24.2-ft FOV @100yds @4X

Rifle Scope Reviews Chart Explained
Included in the matrix are 7 columns:

  • Scope model/ Scope image – (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Magnification
  • Objective Lens Diameter
  • Eye Relief
  • Field of View
  • Price – These are approximate prices on Amazon.com.  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.  But generally speaking: $ = under $100, $$ = $100 – $200, $$$ = $200 – $500, $$$$ = $500+
  • Rating – The average user rating on Amazon.com.  This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier!

Want to See Even More Rifle Scope Reviews?

What’s the Best Rifle Scope for the Money?

Back in the day, a common rule of thumb was to spend half of what you spent on your gun on your scope, but today, many agree, that it really varies. Seasoned hunters even consider spending less on a gun to afford for a more expensive scope.

With so many different manufacturers and models, the scopes included in this rifle scope reviews chart only begin to scratch the surface, and there’s no way we could list them all. But, we’ve tried to highlight many exceptional scopes from a variety of manufacturers at every price range.

We’ve featured what many consider to be essential specifications for deciding on a proper rifle scope to make your options clearer and simplify your decision.

How to Choose a Rifle Scope that Meets Your Needs?

Before making a decision, always remember to keep in mind how you’re going to be using your gun. If you’re hunting big game at 100 yards or less, you won’t need more than 7x magnification, while 7x – 9x is good for shooting between 100-200 yards. If your targets are set towards big game in wide open country over 200 yards, then 12x or 18x will do the trick.

Some of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a scope that’s right for you include looking at the magnification, objective lens diameter, eye relief, and field of view. This is why we’ve highlighted these specs in our rifle scope reviews chart above to help you get started.

Rifle Scope Basics

We’ve heard the story time and again, a newbie walks into a gun store and spends over $1000 on a kickass rifle after reading tons of reviews online. Before leaving the store, as a passing thought, he pops a $50 rifle scope into his basket without asking any questions or reading any rifle scope reviews thinking he’s now best equipped for his weekend trip, but he’s wrong.

Many agree that a rifle scope can be just as important, if not more important, than the quality of gun; after all, you need to be able to clearly see your target.

Rather than the above example, if your budget is $1000, think about spending $500 on a good gun and $500 on a fantastic scope and you’ll be well on your way, then it’s just practice after that.

Review of Top 5

In our honest opinion, all scopes listed in our above rifle scope reviews chart are an excellent choice, but just like you, we have our favorites. Below, we have rifle scope reviews of our top 5 picks.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight, 1 x 25mm

91aSmnLKqbL. SL1500 1 300x225If you’re in the market for a red dot and looking to get the best bang for the buck, this Bushnell will not disappoint. Reliable, durable, and a phenomenal value, once mounted and zeroed, you’ll never have to mess with it again. Sure, it’s not a high-end Aimpoint, but you can get several of these trusty TRS-25s for the price of one Aimpoint T1, and its performance is comparable and will get the job done whether you’re shooting at paper targets or zombies in the night!

Well built and rugged, this simple micro dot sight will provide the accuracy you need at 200 yards or close range. With 11 settings, this easy-to-see red dot offers a range higher than you might ever need, but hey, it’s good to have options. We’ve found the setting at #5 or #6 to be ideal.

Its multi-coated optics give you confidence in low-light conditions, while its 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof construction further sets it apart from its competition at this price point.

A leader in the sports optics industry for over 50 years, Bushnell’s reputation for high quality, reliable products is captured with this Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight.

Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 (BDC)

61VJRL6RSCL. SL1398  283x300A high quality multi-coated glass, this rifle scope will suit any hunter and be gentle on your wallet. With magnification of 3-9x and a wide field of view, combined with a patented BDC (bullet drop compensating) reticle that allows a normal sight picture for short range shots, while see-through ballistic circles for long-range accuracy up to 600 yards, this Nikon ProStaff is beyond versatile. What’s more, the generous 3.6 inches of constant eye relief injects shooting confidence.

At 98% light transmission, this scope is super bright even in low-light conditions, and if you’re looking for a scope that’s easy to sight, this might be your best bet thanks to the turret reset feature, and its firm, positive clicks. This scope focuses and zooms with ease and because of its rugged housing is larger than what you might expect, so you may need higher scope rings.

Effective in all conditions, the nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed housing is waterproof and fogproof.

Carl Zeiss Conquest MC (Z-Plex Reticle, 3-9X40)

71oDhrqrMxL. SL1500  300x120The Conquest series rifle scopes feature one-piece tube bodies crafted to excel in demanding terrain and will withstand abusive recoil. A fantastic all around scope for every hunting style, whether you’re shooting at 200 yards or 400 yards, Zeiss scopes are carefully designed to be high quality, durable and able to hold zero, and this Zeiss Conquest MC Riflescope is no exception.

Its 40 mm objective brings better clarity than many 50 mm scopes and is a star in low light conditions, its eye relief is optimal for higher-powered rifles, and the adjustment clicks are positive and accurate. The reticle allows for quick shots as there are no bullet drop marks or range estimation features – just simple thick bars tapering into thin lines in the center of the field of view.

Sure, you can pay more for a scope, but if you want a proven performer at an exceptional value, look no further.

Leupold FX-II Scout 2.5x28mm Duplex

31CG5VX9M7L 300x258With scopes, you often get what you pay for and this Leupold FXII Scout is worth every cent – don’t settle for cheap imitations. With all Leupold products, you can expect it to be well-built.

Its 9-17 inch eye relief for forward mounting and crystal clear lens make target acquisition quick and easy. If you’re hunting in dense bush where targets aren’t likely to be hanging around waiting for you to take your shot, this Leupold could very well be your best friend. With a 28 mm objective and multicoat 4 lens system, this scope’s light transmission and anti-glare interior offer a harmony that gives you a crisp sight picture second to none.

The Leupold FX-II is shockproof, waterproof, durable, and most of all, accurate. Compared with similar scopes from other manufacturers, this Leupold could possibly be the best scout style scope on the market. It could be the only scope you’ll ever need and the best one you you’ll ever use if you’re not shooting long range.

Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm

31sXIonV+aL 300x225There’s only one word to describe this Vortex Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) 6-24x50mm rifle scope – wow! This is a top of the line glass that is still within reach in terms of affordability, and worth every penny.

Made from a single solid block of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the one-piece 30 mm tube offers wider adjustment latitude compared to a 1-inch tube and maximizes alignment for optimum performance. The Viper PST offers features tactical shooters demand and is reliable in any environment and under trying conditions.

Its excellent adjustable illuminated reticle makes long range shots a breeze, and no matter how much you play with the turrets, it’s reliable and accurate when returning to zero, so you’re confident whether you’re aiming at a target or using it to hunt. The site picture is crisp and sharp as can be with its XD (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, while its multi-coated lens increases light transmission for maximum brightness.

This scope will meet and exceed all your expectations if you’re in search for a high quality, rugged, long range scope.

What now?

Now that you’ve checked out our rifle scope reviews and top picks, it’s your turn to choose the best scope that meets your budget and your needs. We hope we’re helping to make your decision a little easier, and sending you on your way towards greater shooting success and good times!

As you know, rifle scopes are coming onto the market all the time, so our interactive rifle scope reviews chart above will be updated as new scopes are introduced. If your go-to glass is not on our list, and you feel like it needs to be, let us know!

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